Friday, April 28, 2017

the secret life of potters

This week:
Obsessing over making an oxidation fired plate coordinate with a reduction fired plate.

Obsessing over making mini butter churns fired in oxidation that correctly replicate the 23" tall salt fired original in both proportion and glaze.  I may be explaining this more at a later date.

Major obsessing about getting this mug commission right. 
Size, color...yes, but mostly fear of glaze failure during the last firing for the decals.  Having had a few problems with pinholing in the past, I did a search and found that better kiln ventilation may solve the problem- leaving the lid and portholes open up to 500 degrees F.  That, and spacing the mugs about 2 inches apart in the kiln.  Success! At least this time.  And, hurry up to get some birds and cairn parts in the kiln to be bisque fired along with the decal firing.  Luckily, the sun was out to help the drying along.

15 emails and several picture taking sessions about a possible commission through etsy. It is possible I gave the customer too many choices.  Some of the test tiles involved:

And, these are a few of the closed forms in the glaze firing this week.  Made these just because I wanted to and am trying to learn what I can do glaze-wise with this spotted clay.  Will have these at River City Farmer's Market tomorrow.

Picture taking session is not over until I can focus on the interactions of a wood ash glaze and several other glazes used on this pot.  Yes, this is what we obsess over.


  1. you are busy!! the mugs and everything look great!! I am making a third set of dinner dishes that pinholes, finally changed claybodies and crossing my fingers. I'm not sure I'm cut out for filling orders....... bravo!!

    1. Good luck with the pinhole issue. There's always something to figure out!

  2. That is a beautiful wood ash glaze, so complex with the speckles and feathery look. Hope you post some more photos soon, I enjoy seeing your work!

  3. Thanks Peter, I do enjoy those little variations.


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